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On Display Custom Framing
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On Display Custom Framing Gallery

Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
For more information:                     Call us - 204-297-9382               Email us - sheri@ondisplaycustomframing.net

Creative Custom Framing allows for the pieces to be framed in a personalized and unique way; the framing can manifest the style of art to have a complete finished product.
Protecting and preserving art work is crucial for longevity. The Embroidered Peacock has been specifically framed in a conservation manner. We are fully trained to frame paintings, needle work, photos etc. in the appropriate way.
Sports memorabilia can be customized in a more deliberate way. Add photos, signed merchandise, cards to the framing piece for a more compete result. One sided jersey framing has a fee of only $459, and this includes any other additives desired!
No better way to remember a special event like having it framed beautifully for your home. Custom framing can mimic any themes or styles to match that special day.
Every art piece or photo should be framed in a way that is unique to the home it is showcased in. We specialize in matching the style of your home to the piece being framed.
Shadow boxes are a creative way to showcase any collectibles ,memories and achievements. No need for these loved things to be collecting dust in the back of your closet any longer.
With the use of lighting and creative mat cutting, we are able to take a sword and give it a classic grand look.
Creating a look for that moment in time when everything was perfect is we do.
Life is in the details.  When you care about what is on your feet at your wedding, you want to show them off for more than just that day.
The careful stretching and framing of a canvas is important not just for how it looks today but also for many years to come.